5 Tips to Raise a Calm Child in a Distracting World

Sad Boy

Want to raise a calm child who responds well to conflict, distress and bullies? Mental wellness, depression and anxiety is one of the top concerns among parents, especially with child suicide and self-harm at an all-time high in developed countries. The topic of how to raise a calm child in such a messy world is […]

5 Ways to Raise a Child Reader

Studio DIY Reading Toddler Cropped

How do I encourage my child to love reading? How do I raise a child reader? An anxious parent shared that the main reason why she wants her child to start reading from young is because our education system revolves tightly around this. Reading, comprehending and then writing are integral to surviving and succeeding in […]

3 Simple Ways to Shift Your Mindset about PSLE Scores

I had a nagging feeling after writing my reflections on looking at life beyond our school grades, as it didn’t address the importance of mindset about PSLE scores. I use a ‘START STOP CONTINUE’ framework at work to ensure we have actionable steps after every meeting, so I’m using the same rigour to contemplate this […]