It's Party Time!

We believe that every party should be PositiveLee filled with fun and learning!
We keep your guests and their children entertained, so that you can enjoy your little one’s special day. After all, it’s a celebration of your parenthood too!
Each party is customized around your child’s favourite character, so you get an experience that is as unique as her or she is.

2 hours of fun, customized to your child’s chosen theme. Each party includes:

  • Theme exploration
  • Storytelling
  • Experiment / Craft
  • Party Game (adults play too!)
  • And other goodies!

Parties we love!

Wanna get this party started? Tell us a little about you and your child and we can discuss how to make this a fab fun party together!
Fill in the contact form below, email me at positiveleepeilin@gmail.com or whatsapp /call +65 82885457.