How do you want coaching to help you?

I'll go first.

It was 2022 and I was so frustrated. Half of my colleagues had left after the post-Covid job influx and I felt stuck with people whom I could not get along with. I’d tried everything – the soft approach, the hard approach, the bribe-with-food approach (usually works with me, but alas, these people were hard to crack!)

I needed new tools to interact and communicate with them.

That’s when I was reintroduced to the enneagram and coaching. I discovered a blueprint of HOW people were different from me and what made them tick. With my coach, I uncovered more ways to interact with them that still felt genuine and ‘me’.

Fast forward to today: Some of the most challenging relationships are now the people I look forward to talking to the most. Each day, I make a choice to see the world from their lens and how this influences their behaviour.  Understanding their positive intentions gives me a breathe of empathy, freeing me from my frustrations and gifting flexibility in my interpretations.

What if you could have this freedom too?

The solutions to your current issues are within you. Let me help unlock them together.

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