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Is your child a big fan of Pokemon, dinosaurs or unicorns? Whatever the theme, we’ll create a special experience for you and your child!

Learning is fun and seamless with our unique workshops which integrate storytelling, general knowledge building and hands-on activities & games!

From live virtual Disney parties to corporate Kids at Work days to country club Movie & Movement activities, we customise events to fit your audience!

Top 3 Children’s Books about Courage

Top 3 Children’s Books about Courage

Knowing that someone is there for you no matter is one of the pillars to building self-esteem and resilience Mental wellness in our children is so important as they navigate

Trace Your Own Mulan Calligraphy

Trace Your Own Mulan Calligraphy

Be as strong as a girl, fight hard like a girl and be as beautiful as a girl! We got such good feedback from our Frozen calligraphy that we’ve decided to

Bear Necessities: Make Your Own Paper Doll

Bear Necessities: Make Your Own Paper Doll

Enjoy some screen-free fun with this Bear Paper Doll Did you have a paper doll when you were young? I used to ogle over paper doll books in my school

Client Photo
Celine Tan Deputy Editor, 8 DAYS Magazine, Mother of Amber (age 7)

Peilin is a born storyteller with a natural affinity with kids. Her workshops are well-planned and filled with such fun and contagious positivity that you can’t help but have a great time, parents included! Kids learn skills that help them gain knowledge and confidence, while sharing laughs and happiness. I’d recommend Peilin’s workshops anytime!

Client Photo
Cheryl Lee Workshop Participant (age 6)

When I first met you at the donut class, I was nervous. But after a while, I felt confident and comfortable. I enjoyed making the sock donut and the colourful sprinkles on it. And I love the baking part and getting to mix the dough and decorate the donut. I also love the donut in your hair and shirt. I would love to go to your fun class again!

Client Photo
Benson Father of Benjamin (age 7)

My son came home excited about the rocket he made and launched with the new friends he made at this workshop. Peilin was patient and funny, and every detail was thought out, from the book she chose, the decorations and props in the room and the games that made Benedict come out of his shell. He’s bugging me to take him back!

Client Photo
Lena Ng Founder of Flour Power

Peilin takes a lot of care in her workshops to ensure the children are stimulated through stories, games and crafts. Her programmes are planned for children to gain confidence through making their own creations, social skills through collaborating with other children, and a sense of wonder through imaginative and sensorial play. We sometimes have a hard time when parents come to pick up the children, as they don't want to leave!

Aladdin Workshop
Storytelling + Crepe Making + Soup + Drink
Sunday, 16 June, 11am -12.30pm
4 to 10 years old

Ugly Dolls 2-Day Workshop
Storytelling + Sewing
Saturday, 8 & 15 June 2019, 9.30am – 12pm (noon)
6 to 12 years old

Princess Workshop
Storytelling + Tutu Making
Saturday, 15 June 2019, 9.30am – 12pm (noon)
5 to 10 years old

About Me

Hello, I'm Peilin!

PositiveLeePeilin creates workshops, parties and events for parents who want to cultivate their children’s confidence, social skills and love of learning.

If you’re like most of our parents who join us, you want a well-adapted child who loves learning, plays gently with other children and is curious and confident in trying different things.

The first story I told was to my younger brother and sister when I was 6. I built a tent out of blankets and chairs and we hid inside with a torchlight and stacks of books, pretending to be Enid Blyton adventurers in a forest.

Since then, I’ve told stories to audiences of 300+ people and cosy camps of 12 children, using songs, actions and props to ignite creativity and imagination.

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