Life is on repeat mode - it's kinda sorta ok, but you feel stuck.

You’re using the same techniques to solve the same issues, the same struggles, the same frustrations.


Now’s the time to get unstuck.

Are you ready to take life to the next level of self-discovery, fulfilment and success with 1-on-1 Enneagram coaching?

Enneagram Coaching gives a voice to what's going on in your head and heart.

The Enneagram is more than just a personality typing system – it’s a powerful tool for unlocking your potential. As your coach, I am here to guide you through this self-exploration.

  1. Discover Your True Self: Gain a deep understanding of your core motivations, fears, and desires
  2. Transform Limiting Patterns: Break free from self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns
  3. Enhance Relationships: Improve your relationships by understanding the motivations and perspectives of others
  4. Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Develop tools and strategies to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  5. Achieve Personal and Professional Success: Leverage your unique Enneagram type to excel in your career, overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


Sound exciting and slightly intimidating? That means you’re ready! Don’t worry, I’m right here with you.

I'm in your corner, empowering you based on your Enneagram type

You’re not just getting an Enneagram coach. You’re getting someone who is your champion, your guide and sometimesss taskmaster on your journey of self-discovery and growth. Through the series of coaching sessions, you’ll get:

Personalised Support

Individualised sessions that help you uncover the layers of your incredible self and identify patterns that serve (and no longer serve) you.

Tailored Solutions

Create relevant strategies and actionable solutions with immediate feedback during the sessions, which accelerates your progress.

Confidential Conversations

A judgment-free safe space to explore your inner world, discuss patterns and discover how your vulnerability is your strength.

Your coach is equipped to help your break-throughs

Peilin Lee is a certified Enneagram and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. She is a graduate of the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE), an International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Training Program, and NLP Programming Practitioner Certification. She is currently taking her Associate Coaching certification.

She is a brand marketer of international brands, public speaker and content creator.

Peilin has worked with global blue-chip brands including Nespresso, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Tiger Beer and DBS. Her recent interviews have been on The Straits Times, Channel News Asia and Money 89.3 FM. More here.

In her free time, Peilin films TikTok videos, belts out Disney songs in the shower and is on the continual quest for the perfect coffee & chocolate pairing.

1-on-1 Enneagram coaching is a progressive journey

Woman Looking in the Mirror

This is a not one-time-fix-it-all.

What DOES happen from these sessions is that you are equipped with the language and framework to reflect on yourself and situations. Being aware helps you gently observe your own behaviour and patterns. This then gives impetus to make behavioural changes.

Changing behaviour takes time. Having a coach to guide, prompt and encourage you 1-on-1 helps you stay on track on the journey of Self Awareness > Self Acceptance > Self Mastery

1. Discovering Your Enneagram Type

You’ll complete a 20-minute online questionnaire that surfaces who you are and what drives you.

2. Report Debriefing Session

With your personal Enneagram profile report, the first 1.5-hour session will be centred around your motivations, and strengths & stressors.  This is done in-person, in privacy.

This report is packed with identifiers, prompts and actions and customised to your unique top 3 ranked Enneagram and instinctual subtypes.

3. Deep Dive Coaching Sessions

In the subsequent 1-hour sessions, we use both the Enneagram and Neuro-linguistic programming to identify development tools, review relationships and reflect on areas of growth that are unique to you.

We identify action points that you can apply in the long run, customised by your type and inner health state.

Choose from:

Option A: One Report Debriefing session

Option B: Three sessions, including the Report Debriefing session and two coaching sessions

Option C: 6 – 12 sessions, including the Report Debriefing session, 4 – 10 coaching sessions and a Reflection session

You're in control

Here’s the good news: Confident presenters aren’t born. Instead, they are shaped through practice and knowing what techniques to apply.

Having an expert show you the ropes and how to practice will help you build the skills and confidence needed to hit that RECORD button.

Step out of the fear of public speaking, so you can spend your energy honing in on your pitch instead.

Let confidence and excitement replace anxiety and dread.

Hello cheer, goodbye fear!

75 percent of people experience anxiety thinking of public speaking

You are not alone.

The fear of public speaking is actually very common. This anxiety affects at least 75% of the population.

Yet, we are not taught at school or work how to navigate these nerves and how to best present ourselves and our ideas.

This group coaching course will equip you with tried-and-tested techniques, to help you cultivate your own unique presentation style.

The Best From Professionals

Build your foundation as a persuasive speaker. Learn the secrets used by global brands and professional speakers.

Supportive Community

Group coaching allows you to practice with like-minded people. Practice with peers who know your fears and support you.

1-on-1 Feedback

Get direct access to the coach for questions and feedback during the live sessions. A script audit will be done on your final presentation script.

'Face It' - What's Inside the Course?

This is a group coaching course that is conducted online, live. You’ll attend a weekly session focused on different aspects of how to show up and present confidently.

Each session begins with knowledge sharing to build your foundation. You will then be given an exercise to do within the week. This will be shared back with the group for reflections and feedback.

At the end of the course, you will have a presentation challenge, where you will practice what you have learnt in the course. A personalised script audit will be done on your presentation script, so you can review, revise and rehearse.

Format: Online, live session. Webcams on throughout.

Duration: 2 hours x 4 sessions

[Should I include… breakdown by module, pricing, testimonials again? Sample snippet of previous training. Welcome video?]


You will finally learn how to...

Grab Attention!

Learn how to hock your audience from the start and keep them interested throughout.

Practice Correctly

Every session has an exercise which builds up, designed to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Plan Your Flow

Learn which parts to furnish with meaningful details and which to cut.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Learn from other's mistakes, so you can be better prepared.

Review & Revise

Throughout the course, you'll receive feedback, so you can constantly review and improve.

Receive Support

Your group coaching mates are here to give you support, feedback and celebrate!

After this course, you'll be able to...

  • Plan your presentation flow
  • Utilise techniques used by great presenters
  • Use voice, gestures and body language effectively
  • Set up for maximum presence, whether at home or on stage
  • Psyche for the big moment
  • Be more confident through mindset
  • Capture the audience’s attention
  • Avoid mistakes that could trip you up

Report Debriefing Session

$ 375
  • Enneagram Report ($75)
  • Debrief Session (1 hour)

Coaching Deep Dives (recommended)

$ 900
/3 sessions
  • Enneagram Report (complimentary)
  • Report Debriefing Session (1.5 hour)
  • Coaching sessions (1 hour) x 2
  • $300 per session + complimentary $75 report

Customised Coaching

$ 1,650
/6 sessions
  • Enneagram Report (complimentary)
  • Report Debriefing Session (1.5 hour)
  • Coaching sessions (1 hour) x 5
  • $275 per session + complimentary $75 report

What My Clients Say...

K. X. K. X.

The session with Peilin was extremely insightful. With her gentle guidance, I experienced a series of lightbulb moments. I could delve deeper into my intentions and fears and relate my enneagram type to how I drive actions in both my professional and personal life. Most importantly, she shared concrete steps on how I could better manage my stress and emotions.

D. N. Designation

Working with Peilin as my personal development coach has been incredibly reassuring and comforting. What stood out the most was her ability to create a safe space for exploration. She encouraged me to confront my anxieties and transform them into opportunities for growth. Thank you for being a trustworthy ally on my side!

Q.L. Designation

Peilin has this incredible knack for making personal growth feel like an adventure! She infused our session with enthusiasm, positivity and yet listened sincerely. I usually steer clear of those tricky, deep emotions, but she made it seem ok. If you're ready to embrace personal growth with a dash of fun, Peilin is the coach for you! 🚀🌟

J.L. J.L.

I really liked how [the enneagram report] supports and complements some of the other tools I have previously used. Particularly, I enjoyed our discussion around how to win back the stress states and harmonise the curve into more balanced healthy states, where my intentions equates to the impressions experienced by those around me.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is the Enneagram?

    The Enneagram is a powerful personality system that helps you understand yourself and others better. It’s like a map of human nature, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

    It categorises people into nine primary personality types, each with its unique characteristics, fears, desires and motivations. These types act as a guide to understanding how you perceive the world and why you behave the way you do.

    What I find special about the Enneagram and why I use it as a coaching tool is its focus on personal growth. It not only identifies your primary type but also shows you how to become a healthier and more balanced version of yourself.

    By exploring your Enneagram type, you gain insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

    In essence, the Enneagram is a tool for self-discovery and personal development. It helps you navigate your relationships, increase self-awareness, and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life.

    As an Enneagram coach, I’m here to guide you through this journey of self-discovery and growth, one-on-one, so you can unlock your full potential and build more meaningful connections with others.

    What does a Coach give me versus what I can find online?

    Ah, the human versus computer question! 

    While online resources can provide a wealth of information, a coach gives you personalised guidance and a tailored experience. Some differences:

    1. Experience and Expertise: As the client, you get the full attention, experience and expertise of the coach. I’ve worked with a variety of clients and have a deep understanding of the Enneagram and its applications. I give you insights and strategies tailored specifically to your needs and goals.
    2. Customised Guidance: Online information is generic and may not address your specific situation or questions. A coach, on the other hand, provides personalised guidance. They take the time to understand your unique personality, challenges and aspirations, creating a customised plan to help you grow and evolve.
    3. Accountability: I (the human!) am your accountability partner. I help keep you on track, ensuring you stay committed to your personal growth journey.
    4. Real-time Feedback: Online resources can’t provide real-time feedback and support. A coach offers immediate feedback during the session, helping you navigate challenges and make adjustments as needed. This in-person and on-the-spot interaction accelerates your progress.
    5. Emotional Support: Personal growth can be a deeply emotional process. I understand, as I’ve been on it for the past 10+ years and am still discovering my own blind spots. As a coach,  I provide you with a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts and feelings, helping you work through any emotional barriers.
    6. Tailored Solutions: Online information is often one-size-fits-all. This can be a good starting point. If you want to go further, a coach tailors guidance to your unique Enneagram type and personal goals. This ensures that you receive advice and strategies that are relevant and effective for you.


    For our sessions, we have coffee face-to-face and I am very prone to the occasional joke, which Google can’t quite do yet 😉

    While online resources can provide a foundation of knowledge, having a coach gives you a personalised, experience-driven approach that provides support and ensures your growth is as effective and meaningful as possible.

    How does this Enneagram Report differ from free online quizzes?

    Online quizzes are entirely based on self-testing and are not 100% accurate. They also generally give a generic result based on your top singular Enneagram type.

    The enneagram report you’ll receive as part of your coaching is much more robust and includes:

    1. Customised report based on your Top 3 types
    2. Enneagram Profile: Deeper intentions that drive you
    1. Recognising the spectrum of your patterns: At Your Best vs Under Stress

    2. The paradox of your personality: How you are (unconsciously) working against yourself

    3. Subconscious instincts that shape your choices in life

    4. Neuro-Lingustic Programming-based actionables to programme new neural patterns (my favourite section, as it’s actionable!)

    5. Self-reflection and setting development milestones


    This report cannot be purchased on its own.

    Part of coaching includes the coach assessing the accuracy of your Enneagram typing based on the conversations. The Enneagram report will be used as a tool for all three coaching sessions.

    Do I need to know about the Enneagram to be coached?

    Not at all! ZERO knowledge about the Enneagram is needed from you for this coaching session.

    The objective of our coaching sessions is aid your development. It’s not to make you an Enneagram expert. The Enneagram is an enabler that gives us a language and a guide of patterns to recognise yourself and the people around you.

    Your Enneagram report, coupled with our Report Debriefing session, will have everything you need to know to start and support you on your development journey.

    Why be yourself when you can be the best version of yourself

    Ready to be the best version of yourself?

    Start your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Your authentic self is waiting to be revealed, and I’m here to help you sparkle!

    Unlock your potential with 1-on-1 coaching – The levelled-up you awaits!

    Have more questions? Want to know the rates? Fill in your details below or email me at positiveleepeilin@gmail.com. I’ll respond to you in 48 hours max. Talk soon!