You've a big idea that you want to share, but...

The thought of facing an audience makes your nerves twitch.

You hesitate to take the stage as you’re “just not ready”.

However, deep inside, you have an important idea that’s just bursting to come out.

You know you’re the best person to share it and you’re ready to put in the work to face your audience.

You're in control

Here’s the good news: Confident presenters aren’t born. Instead, they are shaped through practice and knowing what techniques to apply.

Having an expert show you the ropes and how to practice will help you build the skills and confidence needed to hit that RECORD button.

Step out of the fear of public speaking, so you can spend your energy honing in on your pitch instead. Let confidence and excitement replace anxiety and dread.

Hello cheer, goodbye fear!

You are not alone.

The fear of public speaking is actually very common. This anxiety affects at least 75% of the population.

Yet, we are not taught at school or work how to navigate these nerves and how to best present ourselves and our ideas.

This group coaching course will equip you with tried-and-tested techniques, to help you cultivate your own unique presentation style.

The Best From Professionals

This course starts with building the foundation of a persuasive speaker. Each session builds off the previous, as you grow in knowledge and confidence . Learn the secrets used by global brands and professional speakers, from someone who has been in your shoes.

Supportive Community

Group coaching allows you to practice with like-minded people. Through the course, weekly exercises help you practice with peers who know your fears. Tap into the group for support, feedback and celebration!

1-on-1 Feedback

During the live sessions, you have direct access to the coach to clarify questions and receive constructive feedback. For the final exercise, a script audit will be done on your presentation script, so you can review, revise and rehearse.

What Can You Expect From This Course

‘Face It’ is a group coaching course for people who have been hesitating to show up more for their ideas. It is for beginners who want to take a step towards more confident, effective and energised communications.

This is a series of live and highly interactive sessions. You will learn tried-and-tested techniques and methodologies used by great presenters. You will also get to practice, starting from simple private exercises to presenting to the group.

There will be 6 live online sessions, with up to 8 members. You will also get a personalised script audit to improve your presentation flow.

Step 1

We start with building the foundations of a great presentation. Learn how to plan your presentation flow, the techniques used by great speakers and the mindset concepts that will strengthen your confidence.

You will be introduced to methodologies like P.E.R.M., the 5Ps and the Classical Presentation Arc.

Step 2

We dig deeper into your presentation goals and challenges. Through reflection and discussion, we identify your strengths and unique presentation persona.

You will discover and structure your own personal presentation system that you can use every time before you present.

Step 3

We take the insights & learnings and put these into practice. Throughout the course, you will complete individual exercises to apply and strengthen your skillset and confidence.

By the end of this group coaching course, you are encouraged to present to the group – a safe space to flex your new skills and leap towards your presentation goal.

This group coaching is suitable for you if...

You're a business owner who knows you have something to offer, but lack the clarity of how to convey your WHAT and your WHY.

You're a corporate executive who knows the importance of visibility in the office and want to level up your presentations to 'wow' key stakeholders.

The always-busy content creator who's ready to step up from only showing your products to sharing the smiling face & beating heart behind your brand.

What Other Attendees Say...

Working with Peilin was a pleasure as she was a very energetic trainer who brought across her content in an engaging and fun way! She created a cosy environment for learning and connected well with participants which allowed them to warm up pretty quickly. The training definitely equipped our volunteers with the ability to be able to deliver stories to children with confidence during their volunteering and interact with children on a large scale to ensure a smooth programme. Thank you, Peilin!

Profile photo for Testimonial
Siti Nuraisha Safri Youth Corps Singapore, Assistant Manager

Peilin was very detailed in running through the script and helped made it more succinct and professional. With her vast experience in media and filming, she was able to share useful tips from preferred apparel to angles. She is also very patient and ensure that u are satisfied with the take before moving on. It was an absolute joy working with her! ❤️

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Carrie Chee Prudential Premium FInancing, Financial Consultant

Peilin is a born storyteller with a natural affinity with kids. Her workshops are well-planned and filled with such fun and contagious positivity that you can’t help but have a great time, parents included! Kids learn skills that help them gain knowledge and confidence, while sharing laughs and happiness. I’d recommend Peilin’s workshops anytime!

Celine Tan Deputy Editor, 8 DAYS Magazine

Peilin takes a lot of care in her workshops to ensure the children are stimulated through stories, games and crafts. Her programmes are planned for children to gain confidence through making their own creations, social skills through collaborating with other children, and a sense of wonder through imaginative and sensorial play. We sometimes have a hard time when parents come to pick up the children, as they don't want to leave!

Lena Ng Founder of Flour Power

    Meet Your Coach

    Peilin Lee is a TedX speaker and speaks live on public radio and newspaper interviews. Her recent interviews have been shown on The Straits Times, Channel News Asia and Money 89.3 FM. She has presented on topics including branding, effective presentations and sustainability.

    She has been formally trained in public speaking and media trained to do live interviews. She has worked on global blue-chip brands including Nespresso, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Tiger Beer and DBS.

    Peilin is also a volunteer storyteller, presenting to arguably the world’s toughest audience – children. She conducts storytelling sessions and bespoke sessions, both face-to-face and online.

    She is the winner of ‘Best Presenter’ in her cohort of the esteemed Ogilvy Masterclass and ‘Best Storyteller’ for the National Library Board’s inaugural storytelling competition.

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