You have the option of either dropping-off your child or staying with us throughout the programme.

Our workshop activities are designed for children to complete independently. We encourage parents to drop-off their children, so that your child can build her confidence and social interaction skills with the teachers and the group. This way, you also get a bit of me-time, which we think is important for happy healthy parents!

Let us know what works better for you when you sign up!

Our 1.5 hour session includes storytelling, baking and one core activity (usually a craft project or a group role play game). Our 2.5 hour sessions have an additional core activity, a prop for your child to wear (these make photos so much cuter!) and a more intricate baked item (since there is more time for the item to cool and be decorated). The longer sessions also give your child time to fully warm up and immerse herself.

We welcome children with special needs and different dietary requirements. We have hosted children with autism, ADHD and children who are gluten intolerant. Let us know at least 2 weeks prior what your child’s needs are, so that we can craft a session that is suitable for her.

We’re glad you asked! Our camps and workshops are generally during the school holidays in March, June, September and December. We run customised workshops and parties throughout the year, so let us know if you would to co-create one for your child! To be the first to know about our new releases, sign up to be on our email list at <>.

Our workshops are held at different locations, depending on the equipment that is required for the camps.

For our Sewing and Craft classes, our sessions are held at FashionMaker Space at 258A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058807. 

How to get there:

  • By MRT:

Take to Chinatown MRT, take Exit A (towards Smith Street), walk down Pagoda Street and turn right on South Bridge Road. We are above 7-11.

  • By Car:

Carpark A: Open carpark in front of the Buddha Tooth Relic Museum

Carpark B: Roadside parallel parking along Temple Street

Carpark C: Multi-Story carpark at Smith Street Market

  • By Bus:

Buses: 61, 166, 197. Stop at Bus Stop 05189, opposite Sri Mariamman Temple.

Buses: 80, 145. Stop at Bus Stop 05269, Maxwell Road Food Center

Bookings / Payments

To book, go to the web page with the camp / workshop you are keen on. Fill in the booking sheet at the bottom of the workshop page and indicate the workshop(s) you are keen on.

Alternatively, you can email us at <> or whatsapp / call us at +65 8288 5457 to let us know your interest! Full payment is required upfront via bank transfer, DBS PayLah or DBS PayNow.

Please note that we need a minimum of 4 sign-ups to conduct these workshops. If this is not met, you will be informed of the change and next available workshop dates via email 2 days before. So invite your buddies to come play together!

We currently accept bank transfers and mobile transfers (PayLah and PayNow). Let us know if you want a receipt and we can arrange that for you.

Children’s Parties

Yes, we do! Email us at <> > or whatsapp / call us at +65 8288 5457 and we will send you a quick questionnaire to help us understand what yours and your child’s needs are. We will send you a proposal and we can figure things out from there!

We have run many children’s birthday parties and have contacts to various partners. Let us know what your needs are by emailing us at <> or whatsapp / call us at +65 8288 5457 and we can either work with these other supplies or link you up to them!


Sharp eyes, you! Our programmes are for both boys and girls! Our default use is “her/hers”, though we do interchange with “him/his” as well. Much easier than us continually using “her/his” and “him/hers” throughout our articles!

Yay, happy problem for us! To be the first to know, sign up to be on our email list as we always let our fans know there first. You can also follow our founder, Peilin, on Instagram at @PositiveLeePeilin where she gives you sneak peaks into upcoming workshops!