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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Where has 2023 gone??? I’m certain you have done, felt and learnt wayyy more this year than you remember, and this will form the foundation of an even better 2024.

Scientific and psychological studies have shown that intentional reflections are linked to higher levels of satisfaction with life and related measures of mental well-being.

I’m a firm believer that Self Awareness leads to Self Acceptance which leads to Self Mastery.

Reflection is hence a key starting point. 

I’ve created a simple ‘Reflection & Progression’ workbook for you to use, on the house!

This workbook will guide you through the past 12 months – the yays, the nays, the happy, the yucky. You then review what  you want to keep, what you want to stop and what you want to start in this new year.

Download my free ‘Reflections & Progression Workbook’ here.

My personal reflection ritual each year is going to the hair salon for a relaxing hair treatment and doing this reflection exercise at the same time. This is the perfect time as I’m by myself, the treatment takes hours, and I’m committed to being in that chair (nice hair, I care!)!

I print out the worksheets, armed with coloured pens and a relaxing playlist. All ready for self-reflection, self-appreciation and to lay the foundation for the new year ahead!

I’ve been tweaking this template the past years for my reflections (looking back) and progression (looking ahead). I’ve also applied feedback from the digital planner I created in 2021 and applied them in this workbook. This works as a printable or on a tablet.

You can get my ‘Reflections & Progression Workbook’ here!

You've done your solo reflection.... And you're ready to take the next step

Self-reflection is extremely important to bring our learnings to our conscious mind. Then what? Self Acceptance and then Self Mastery! Speaking to a certified practitioner can help you on this journey more quickly.

‘Destiny Design 2024’ is a 1-on-1 goal-setting session to support you

Coaching Session in Progress Two Women

This is a 1-hour private online session which will be centred around goal-setting for yourself in the new year.

I will support you in articulating, pondering on questions and visualising. Together, we will map out and solidify your desired outcome, and come up with actionable steps for you to achieve this.

In the ‘Destiny Design’ session, I will be utilising Neuro-linguistics programming techniques to ground our conversation. 

Slots are limited and only till February 2024. Email me at positiveleepeilin@gmail.com or whatsapp 8288 5457 to book your session.

Our 1-on-1 coaching sessions are powered by

‘Destiny Design 2024’ is specific to identifying and creating an action that you can take forward to the new year.

If you are uncertain about what exactly you want to achieve, our Enneagram and 1-on-1 coaching packages might be better suited. You can read more here, or you can email us at positiveleepeilin@gmail.com for more information on this.

2024 is gonna be your best year yet!

What would you like to be in 12 months time? You will be a different version, whether this is deliberate or not.

‘Destiny Design 2024’ can help you, as it is specific to identifying and creating an action that you can take forward to the new year.

I look forward to growing with you in the coming year! If you’ve questions, please email me at positiveleepeilin@gmail.com or direct message me on Instagram. Happy new year!

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