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Top 3 Children’s Books about Pigs

My Top 3 Favourite Children’s Books about Pigs

Happy Chinese New Year, peeps! This year’s new year is extra special as it’s the year of my zodiac animal, the pig! I’ve rounded up some of the best children’s picture books about pigs, so you can introduce these adorable pink hogs to your child. Here’s my list of Top 3 books about pigs.

1. I Know A Wee Piggy by Kim Norman

Books that rhyme are generally top of my list as they teach children about word harmony, cadence and sentence structure. Plus, they are so fun to read aloud!

A lively pig escapes from his owner and runs around the fairgrounds, getting itself into a colourful mess. He goes upside down, wallows in brown, coloured pink, orange and grey, a brilliant display!

A fun and colourful read in the tradition of I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly . Definitely my fave book about pigs!

2. Olympig by Victoria Jamieson

Right after Joseph Schooling won Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in 2016, I choose this story for a public reading to celebrate with the country.

Boomer the Pig has been training hard for the Animal Olympics. When he loses his first race, he shrugs it off and cheerfully moves on to the next event. Sport after sport though, Boomer continually loses and gets increasingly frustrated.

This book is a fun book about having a healthy mindset about winning and losing, resilience and family support.

3. Big Pigs by Leslie Helakoski

Children with sisters or brothers will relate to this story about sibling rivalry.

When Mama Pig goes out, three little pigs compete to be the Biggest Pig of the sty. Who is the first to squeeze through the garden fence, gobble a row of veggies, and sink to the bottom of the mudhole? Each pig has her talent, and in the end, it is clear that they are all big pigs. To Mama Pig though, they always be her little piglets.

This book expresses sound words with different colours and styles, which is great for doing sound effects with children.

There you have it! My top three favourite children’s books about pigs that should make your child squeal with joy! Let me know if you have read any of these with your child and how your child reacted!

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Featured books are suitable for children from 3 years and up.

All books featured are available in Singapore’s public libraries.

PositiveLeePeilin Books about Pigs

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