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'Face It'

Face Your Fears, Level Up Your Presentations and Persuade Your Audience

Take this as your sign to finally…

  • Share your idea with a bigger audience
  • Banish the thought that “you’re not ready”
  • Step up to the stage that’s been waiting for you


Confident presenters aren’t born. Instead, they are shaped through practice and knowing what techniques to apply. 

In this live group coaching course, you will learn how to master your delivery and flow. Learn effective techniques used by the world’s best presenters, like P.E.R.M.,  5Ps and the Classical Presentation Arc. Practice with a like-minded community so you can go out and share your message with confidence.

Most importantly, you will walk away confident and energised to present!

Grab Attention!

Learn how to hock your audience from the start and keep them interested throughout.


Every session has an exercise which builds up, designed to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Plan Your Flow

Learn which parts to furnish with meaningful details and which to cut.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Learn from other's mistakes, so you can be better prepared.

Receive Feedback

Your coach will tell you what it takes to get to where you want, even if it requires some tough love.

Receive Support

Your group coaching mates are here to give you support, feedback and celebrate!

Woman Presenting Presentation Presentation Skills Training

You will finally learn how to...

  • Plan your presentation flow
  • Utilise techniques used by great presenters
  • Use voice, gestures and body language effectively
  • Set up for maximum presence, whether at home or on stage
  • Psyche for the big moment
  • Be more confident through mindset
  • Capture the audience’s attention
  • Avoid mistakes that could trip you up

'Face It' - What's Inside the Course?

This is a group coaching course that is conducted online, live. You’ll attend a weekly session focused on different aspects of how to show up and present confidently.

Each session begins with knowledge sharing to build your foundation. You will then be given an exercise to do within the week. This will be shared back with the group for reflections and feedback.

At the end of the course, you will have a presentation challenge, where you will practice what you have learnt in the course. A personalised script audit will be done on your presentation script, so you can review, revise and rehearse.

Format: Online, live session. Webcams on throughout.

Duration: 2 hours x 4 sessions

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By signing up for this, be prepared to:

Speech bubbles for feedback

Your coach will tell you what it takes to get to where you want, even if it requires some tough love.

Loudhailer speech bubble

Every session ends with a weekly exercise. These are designed to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone, so you can see the growth you want.

Learning as a group lets you lean on others for support, advice and celebration and vice versa. We love our group mates here!

Meet Your Coach

Peilin Lee is a TedX speaker and speaks live on public radio and newspaper interviews. Her recent interviews have been shown on The Straits Times, Channel News Asia and Money 89.3 FM. She has presented on topics including branding, effective presentations and sustainability.

She has been formally trained in public speaking and media trained to do live interviews. She has worked on global blue-chip brands including Nespresso, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Tiger Beer and DBS.

Peilin is also a volunteer storyteller, presenting to arguably the world’s toughest audience – children. She conducts storytelling sessions and bespoke sessions, both face-to-face and online.

She is the winner of ‘Best Presenter’ in her cohort of the esteemed Ogilvy Masterclass and ‘Best Storyteller’ for the National Library Board’s inaugural storytelling competition.


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