Ocean Torchlight DIY Craft to Find Your Fish!

Ocean Torchlight DIY Craft with markers

Become an ocean explorer while staying dry with this ocean torchlight DIY craft Celebrating June with this ocean torchlight DIY craft, since there’s a line up of days commemorating our environment and the sea, starting with World Reef Day (1 June), World Environment Day (5 June), World Oceans Day (8 June) and Coral Triangle Day […]

Pineapple Tart DIY Craft from Recycled Ang Pows

The best part of Chinese New Year has gotta be the snacks! We’ve got a waist-friendly pineapple tart DIY craft which you can have as many as you want for CNY! Reuse and recycle leftover orange packet papers lying around the house instead of tossing them! I’ve got video snippets on my Instagram page as well […]

Penguin DIY Craft: Waddle I Do Without You?

Make your own penguin out of ice-cream sticks & cardboard! We are especially thrilled with this DIY penguin craft, which my husband thought of whilst watching a nature documentary  whilst snacking on ice-cream! We were fascinated to learn that penguins don’t have teeth, but have backward-facing spines that line the inside of their mouths instead. […]