Superhero DIY Kids Crafts Avengers


Marvel Avengers DIY Craft: Higher, Further, Faster!

Make your Marvel Avengers DIY craft out of simple at-home materials and watch them flyyyy!

Who loves Iron Man, Thor  and Captain  America? ME TOO! To curb the anticipation, we’ve made our own Marvel Avengers DIY craft!

With so many Marvel Avengers movies out, I decided to make my own mini Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)! 

This Marval Avengers DIY craft is soooo easy and yet so much fun to play with! Make a few of these, so you can see which superhero flies the furthest, fastest and highest!

Superhero DIY Kids Crafts Avengers

Materials for Marvel Avengers DIY Craft:

  • PositiveLeePeilin Avengers DIY craft printable (download here)
  • 1 x large drinking straw (the bubble tea type)
  • 1 x regular drinking straw
  • Penknife / scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil / marker
Superhero DIY Craft Avengers Printable and Materials


1. Download the free PositiveLeePeilin Avengers printable here.

2. Print it out.

3. Cut out your superheroes.

Superhero DIY Craft Cutting

4. Cut a length of the large straw about ⅓ length of the superhero.

5. Press down and flatten one end of this.

6. Use tape to seal this flattened end. Make sure it’s sealed tight.
(Pro tip: blow from the open end and feel with your hand if any air escapes – it shouldn’t.)

7. Stick the bubble tea straw to the back of the superhero around the middle and with the flattened sealed end pointed towards the superhero’s head.

Superhero DIY Craft Sticking Straw
Superhero DIY Craft Sticking to Back

8. Put one end of the smaller straw into the open end of the large straw that’s been pasted on the back/underside of your superhero.

9. Take a deep breath and give it a blow. Watch your Avenger fly!

Superhero DIY Craft Back with Straws

We love to see your Marvel Avengers DIY craft! Tag us at @PositiveLeePeilin on Facebook or Instagram or use the hashtag #PositiveLeePeilinDIY.

Bonus: You can supplement this craft with books about superheroes! Click here for our list of our Top 3 Favourite Books about Superheroes!

Superhero DIY Craft Avengers

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