Training Courses for Adults


Does public speaking wreak you with nerves? Prepare for your public storytelling session through these courses, which will equip you with skills to engage children and adults.

We offer both online and face-to-face courses & workshops to help professionals & volunteers in storytelling to children and presentations to adults.

These courses are designed to be digestible and highly actionable, so you can apply these to your next presentation. 

Email positiveleepeilin@gmail.com with your objectives and training details to discuss more.

Learn how to confidently stand in front of an audience at work or on stage to powerfully convey your message, through preparing and practicing effectively.

Learn how to be confident in front of the camera, whether you’re recording a training or for social media. Master the tech (without the overwhelm) and presentation techniques.

Master the fundamentals of public storytelling to children. In this course, you’ll learn how to capture the attention of children and use tools to bring storybooks to life.

Storytelling through your laptop webcam is different from live. In this online course, you’ll master how to utilise the screen and video to your benefit with the right equipment and preparation.