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Top 3 Children’s Books about Mothers

That special someone in every child's life - Mum!

Ahhhh, mothers! We really should be celebrating you every day for your strength, sacrifice and unconditional love. Here’s a toast to you, my dear friend and mother! Here are three very different books about mothers, from a funny one about how different mothers are, a sweet tale of love and the third about military mothers.

You should be familiar with the characters in the first of our books about mothers!

From making you smile when things are going wrong to knowing just when hugs are needed, mothers are the mashup of all our favourite Little Misses in one!

Mothers are a mix of Miss Splendid, Fun, Magic, and Sunshine. If you grew up reading the Mr Men and Little Miss books, this a cheerful, easy to read, blast to the past!

How long will you love me? ‘ Little Mouse asks Big Mouse.

The passage of time and the everlasting nature of a parent’s love for a child are explored in this charming rhyming picture book (you know I love books that rhyme!)

Big Mouse answers using the natural world to demonstrate the passage of time as day and night and the seasons come and go. The book begins with the pair playing together in the spring sunshine, on a beach in the hot sun, and as the crimson leaves fall from the trees.

Throughout, Big Mouse repeats the reassurance that ‘as you grow bigger, my love stays the same,’ assuring the child that a parent’s love is forever.

This tender declaration will reassure little ones that a parent’s special love lasts through days, weeks, months, years, till forever!

Books about Mothers
Books about Mothers

I share key highlights of this lovely story in this video reading:

This book celebrates the working mother and the variety of jobs she can have. A  diverse range of children proudly talk about their mothers: One mother builds buildings, another works with dogs to find missing people, one works on airplanes, another works on trucks, whilst one works on tanks.

The children each describe how their military mothers resemble superheroes for their courage and skill during deployment to create a safer world.

Mothers who do their best are amazing, regardless their jobs or personalities. We hope these books about mothers remind YOU of what a super mother you are, especially this Mother’s Day!

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Featured books are suitable for children from 4 years and up.

All books featured are available in Singapore’s public libraries and in the bookshops linked.

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