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Easter Colouring Sheet: Some Bunny Somewhere:

Rabbits are a symbol of new life and hope. Let's celebrate with this Easter colouring sheet!

This Easter weekend is one of the oddest, with churches, restaurants and schools closed. I’m convinced the Easter Rabbit is still out and about though, and you’ll find a few of them in this free downloadable Easter colouring sheet!

The rabbit is a symbol of Easter due to its child bearing capabilities, ie, bringing new life to the world. Legend has it that the Easter Bunny lays, decorates and hides eggs to spread this gift of new life (and I believe creativity!) to children.

This Easter colouring sheet is designed by Nadine, my  friend who is the first surface pattern designer I know. She illustrates florals, coffee moments and the occasional animal (her illustration of a lion is adorable, inspired by her niece’s morning hair!)

Nadine and I were chatting on videocall and wondering how we could help parents who are struggling with lockdowns and home-based learning. I’ve admired her designs since getting to know her so BAM! This was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate!

She designed this adorable colouring sheet so that we can still celebrate the long weekend with colour and fun indoors. See if you can find the five Easter eggs that she’s hidden! 

Download this free Easter colouring sheet here.

You can also enjoy Nadine’s other creations on her Instagram page, which she updates almost daily!

Colouring sheets are not just for children and I spent an hour colouring whilst blasting happy Disney tunes as well (Olaf’s ‘In Summer’ and ‘Some Things Never Change‘ have been on repeat, as I fantasise about what I’ll do when we are free to go out!)

Tag us with #PositiveLeeDIY if you print and colour this, or leave a comment at @PositiveLeePeilin on Facebook or Instagram.  We would love to see your colourful works of art!

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PS: Did you know that bunny babies are called kittens? Leave me a rabbit and cat emoji if you already knew that!

PPS: Colour your own bunnies and easter eggs. You can download the free printable here.

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