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Word of the Year

"What you focus on expands." - T. Harv Eker

Crafting your own “Word of the Year” (WOTY) is a wonderful practice that can bring focus and transformation into your life. This personalized approach to goal-setting can be a powerful tool for both personal and professional development.

Discovering Your Word: Start by reflecting on your aspirations, values, and the areas of your life that you want to nurture. Consider the themes that resonate with you at this moment. Are you seeking balance, courage, resilience, or perhaps adventure? Let your inner compass guide you to a word that encapsulates your goals.

Need a guide on reaching your Word of the Year? Download the free ‘Reflections & Progression Workbook’ here!

My own word for 2024 is “Intentional’. I’m activating this is by setting my intentions every morning.

Choosing a ‘Word for the Year’ gives you so much!

  1. Clarity and Focus: Provides a clear focal point for the year ahead. Your ‘Word of the Year’ becomes a guiding light to help make decisions aligned with your intentions. It’s like having a personal mantra that reminds you of your priorities.

  2. Intentional Living: Your WOTY serves as a constant reminder of your objectives. It encourages mindfulness, prompting you to make choices that align with your overarching theme. This intentionality can lead to more purposeful actions.

  3. Personal Growth: Encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities that align with your chosen theme. This can lead to transformative experiences and a more fulfilling life.

4. Celebrate Achievements: As you progress through the year, celebrate the small victories and milestones related to your chosen word. This practice reinforces positive behaviour, building a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

5. Community and Connection: Share your ‘Word of the Year’ with friends, family or your community. This creates a sense of accountability and opens up opportunities for shared goals. It’s a great conversation starter and a chance to inspire others. Share your WOTY with me on Instagram! I’d love to encourage you there!

You've created your 'Word of the Year'. You know you want to be a better version of yourself in 12 months... And you're ready to take the next step.

Self-reflection is extremely important to bring our learnings to our conscious mind. Then what?

Self Acceptance and then Self Mastery!

Speaking to a certified practitioner can help you on this journey more quickly.

‘Destiny Design 2024’ is a 1-on-1 goal-setting session to support you

Coaching Session in Progress Two Women

This is a 1-hour private online session which will be centred around goal-setting for yourself in the new year.

I will support you in articulating, pondering on questions and visualising. Together, we will map out and solidify your desired outcome, and come up with actionable steps for you to achieve this.

In the ‘Destiny Design’ session, I will be utilising Neuro-linguistics programming techniques to ground our conversation. 

Slots are limited and only till February 2024. Email me at positiveleepeilin@gmail.com or whatsapp 8288 5457 to book your session.

My 1-on-1 coaching sessions are powered by

‘Destiny Design 2024’ is specific to identifying and creating an action that you can take forward to the new year.

If you are uncertain about what exactly you want to achieve, our Enneagram and 1-on-1 coaching packages might be better suited. You can read more here, or you can email us at positiveleepeilin@gmail.com for more information on this.

Let 2024 be your best year yet!

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