Top 3 Children’s Books about Valentine’s Day

PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Valentines Day

Too young for books about Valentine’s Day? Well, these are not your typical cupid or romance tales! Think Valentine’s Day is all about pink hearts and romance? Well, children would probably find that gross, which is why our selected books about Valentine’s Day are completely opposite! These three non-mushy tales show how boys and girls […]

Top 3 Children’s Books about Cake

PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Cakes 1

Hands up if you love cake! These books about cake are just for you! My youngest brother loves baking, so I was inspired to find some books about cake as a nod to his hobby. There is so much time and heart that goes into creating a cake and is such a lovely (and functional!) […]

Top 3 Children’s Books about Halloween

Children Picture Books about Halloween

Is Halloween one of your fave festivals too? These books about Halloween are for you! As promised in my last post with couple costume ideas, I’ve pulled together my top three books about Halloween. Halloween is one of my favourite festivals as it’s about popular culture, fun and a ton of creativity. There’s always something in […]