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Top 3 Children’s Books about Halloween

Is Halloween one of your fave festivals too? These books about Halloween are for you!

As promised in my last post with couple costume ideas, I’ve pulled together my top three books about Halloween.

Halloween is one of my favourite festivals as it’s about popular culture, fun and a ton of creativity. There’s always something in the house to repurpose, especially with a bit of glue and a whole lot of imagination and humour!

Here are three non-spooky Halloween stories about children brainstorming and making their own costumes. They are great lead ups to creating costumes with your little ones for Trick-or-Treating!

Like me, Birdie loves Halloween and puts a lot of brain juice into what she wears. One year she was a robot and another she was a mummy-princess.

This year however, nothing feels quite right though… until she visits her local museum and is inspired by many historical heroes.

I especially love that this book is not about a girl wanting to only be a princess or fairy. Birdie  considers dressing as Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, Sandra Day O’Connor, and even the first female President! I actually cheered out loud when I came to that page!
With this festival about imagination and being anyone you want to be, we should definitely encourage little ones to dream big!

Halloween is almost here and Lily wants to make her own costume for trick-or-treating. Should she be a scary ghost? Or maybe a roly-poly pumpkin? Perhaps a glittery princess! After many ideas and a few wrong turns, Lily finally settles on a costume that will be perfect for a Halloween surprise with her cuddly kittens.

This story is kinda like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as Lily tries homemade costume after costume, but they are too clumsy, too flimsy or too scary. She uses stuff from home to make her costumes, which is a great way to spark off ideas!

The Parade of Books has arrived, and it is Chloe’s chance to showcase her crafty costume talents.

Leo wants Chloe to be the Frankenstein monster to his Dracula and Chloe can’t wait to dress like a monster. However, her BFF Emma wants to wear matching fairy costumes instead and Chloe is torn like a scrap of fabric. She doesn’t want to disappoint either her friends—but how can she possibly please them both?

Luckily, a little glitter and a lot of imagination give Chloe the answer!

Crafty Chloe is a series of books about this DIY queen who is constantly repurposing things around her. She’s my literary mini-me!

There you have it, my top three favourite children’s books about Halloween, with loads of costume ideas.

I’ve still got a ton of other books about Halloween, which I’ll share again next year! Meanwhile, check out what my husband and I are dressing up as this Halloween!

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Featured books are suitable for children from 7 years and up.

All books featured are available in Singapore’s public libraries and in the bookshops linked.

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