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Top 3 Children’s Books about Cake

Hands up if you love cake! These books about cake are just for you!

My youngest brother loves baking, so I was inspired to find some books about cake as a nod to his hobby. There is so much time and heart that goes into creating a cake and is such a lovely (and functional!) way to celebrate!

These are my top three sweet books about cake!

Chocolate! I’m very guilty of devouring an entire bar by myself, so I totally relate to the boy in this story. He sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night when everyone else is fast asleep, to gaze at the big chocolate cake his mum has made.

Just a few crumbs… Mmmm, no one will notice if a tiny slice is missing… just a bit more… This book is filled with full of silly noises as our cake thief devours the cake. What happens after he finishes the last bit though is a riot!

This story is pretty much Michael Rosen’s love letter to his mother’s chocolate cake. The author of ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, his performance of this story is great inspiration to how you can act this one out with your little one too!

Mouse has baked a delicious cake for Little Bird’s birthday and walks to Little Bird’s house to deliver it.

Turns out that THIS is the difficult part of his surprise, as various animals on route offer items in exchange for a piece of the cake. Mouse does so reluctantly, and eventually arrives at Little Bird’s house with a cork, a wire, a butterfly net and a flyswatter.

Thankfully, Little Bird cleverly saves the day and they still manage to have a birthday cake after all. Generosity, creativity and improvisation save the day, with everyone enjoying a delicious slab of homemade cake.

I Love Cake! centers around three friends: the irrepressible Moose, orderly Rabbit, and fun-loving Porcupine.  

Rabbit plans a fabulous birthday party with fun activities and a delicious cake. Porcupine and Moose come to enjoy Rabbit’s big day, but everything goes south when impulsive Moose loses control of his appetite! Yup, you know what happens.

Themes of friendship and forgiveness come through on every page and the dialogue between the characters make this a fun read-aloud treat!

Gosh, all this talk about cake is making me hungry! If you could only have one type of cake for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mine would be a pretty ombre cake that I can devour with one bite!

Try out this easy bake cakelet recipe here.

These books about cake can be read in preparation before a at-home bake off or at your child’s birthday party.

You could even combine all these, as baking birthday parties for children are educational AND delicious (yup, I’ve run some of these parties before!)

Featured books are suitable for children from 6 years and up.

All books featured are available in Singapore’s public libraries and in the bookshops linked.

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