Mulan Calligraphy


Mulan Calligraphy: Trace Your Movie Quote

Be as strong as a girl, fight hard like a girl and be as beautiful as a girl!

We got such good feedback from our Frozen calligraphy that we’ve decided to start a collection of best Disney quotes, continuing with this bold Mulan calligraphy.

Mulan is Disney’s first Asian heroine and is based on the Chinese legend, Hua Mulan. She impersonates a soldier to save her frail father from having to go to war and is away from her family for 12 years. She fights several battles against the Hans, side by side with her male counterparts. Talk about woman power!

Mulan Calligraphy
Mulan Calligraphy

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." - Mulan's Father

I love the strength and delicacy of this quote, as it reminds me that challenges are what makes us strong and unique. Resilience is a quality that helps our children (and us!) have healthy mindsets and be successful in multiple areas of life. Which is why I’m highlighting this movie about being Loyal, Brave and True.

For this Mulan calligraphy,  I’ve collaborated again with Belinda, calligrapher and boss babe of Art and Wanders. Before writing this, we discussed about the difficulties that we had each encountered and how, whilst painful, these made us flex and strengthen the inner muscles we all have inside.

You can download this free Mulan calligraphy printable to make your own mark!

Simply print this out and trace over the light grey words with markers or watercolour brushes. I used brown and red paint for mine.

Creating this is making me itch to have my own Mulan themed party (I haven’t seen or heard anyone having this before!) There will definitely be lots of karaoke singing of ‘Be A Man’! What Mulan must-haves would you want to see in such a party?

Build your own Disney calligraphy collection by printing this Mulan calligraphy and the Frozen calligraphy as well!

Tag us with #PositiveLeeDIY if you make this, or leave a comment at @PositiveLeePeilin on Facebook or Instagram.  I would love to see your renditions of these beautiful words!

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