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Paper Doll: The Simple Bear Necessities

Enjoy some screen-free fun with this Bear Paper Doll

Did you have a paper doll when you were young? I used to ogle over paper doll books in my school bookshop, assessing which book contained most of the dresses I liked, before parting with my week’s pocket money.

I bought versions with ballgowns, summer outfits, swimming costumes… These were like the Instagram of little me, as I dreamt of wearing fabulous dresses in exotic locations.

This nostalgia led to a collaboration with Nadine, a surface pattern designer who illustrates florals, coffee moments and the occasional animal.

We’ve created an adorable BEAR version, with a tutu, bikini and two dresses, as our first iteration!

This is now available for you to download here.

PositiveLeePeilin - DIY Craft Bear Paper Doll
PositiveLeePeilin - DIY Craft Bear Paper Doll

Carefully cut out Mama Bear and her outfits. The hats require careful cutting with a paper knife, so do help little hands with this bit.

Fun Fact: We actually made several mock-ups. In the first version, Mama Bear’s bikini bottom slid off and her shoes were cumbersome to put on. We made many adjustments as I wanted this to be easy for small hands to cut, so we made scallops much bigger and minimised frills which needed intricate scissors work.

Make your own Mama Bear here!

Use her when telling stories with bears, or create your own bear tales!

We’re toying with creating more outfits, so email me if you would like this. Outfit and accessories ideas are welcome!

I’ve also shortlisted three of my favourite bear books here to read together with Mama Bear paper doll.

If you like the style of this bear paper doll, check out our rabbit colouring sheet, which Nadine designed as well!

Tag us with #PositiveLeeDIY if you make this, or leave a comment at @PositiveLeePeilin on Facebook or Instagram.  We would love to see where your child brings this bear paper doll!

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