DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman


Olaf Marshmallow Snowman for Frozen Fun

Do you wanna build an Olaf Marshmallow Snowman?

Our first food craft! This Olaf marshmallow snowman is a team effort from my younger sister, brother and I!

My sis and I were belting out Frozen songs as we cut, melted and dipped the ingredients, as my little brother listened enthralled (hahaha, so we tell ourselves).

Olaf is my favourite Frozen character as he is optimistic, innocent and in awe of the world. You absolutely have to listen to his Summer song. Warm hugs for everyone!

Here’s how to make your own edible Olaf marshmallow snowman, whether for a Frozen party or to keep young ones entertained for an hour-and-a-half!

DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman Ingredients

Materials for Olaf Marshmallow Snowman:

  • Marshmallows (3.5 per snowman)
  • Melted white chocolate
  • Melted milk chocolate
  • Orange jelly beans
  • Brown chocolate rice or shortened Pokey sticks
  • Candy pop sticks
  • A cup of water
DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman Ingredients

Watch our 1+ minute video tutorial here on how to make your own Olaf Marshmallow Snowman (opens to full vertical screen):

Directions for Olaf Marshmallow Snowman:

  1. Dip the candy stick in water, so that the marshmallow does not stick and drag.
  2. Skewer three marshmallows. Push the first marshmallow from the left, second marshmallow from the right, then third marshmallow from the left to form Olaf’s zig-zag body. The flat side of the marshmallows should face up.
  3. Cut a fourth marshmallow into half and skewer this on top of the three marshmallows.
DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman
DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman

4. Melt the white chocolate. I suggest doing this in a metal container in hot water, so that the chocolate melts more evenly without burning. Adult supervision is needed for this.

5. Dip the skewered 3.5 marshmallows into the white chocolate.

DIY Olaf Marshmallow Melting
DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman Dip into White Chocolate

6. Stick three chocolate rice grains or sticks to the top for Olaf’s hair.

7. Cut the orange jelly bean in half.

8. Press the orange jelly bean onto the top full marshmallow for Olaaf’s nose.

9. Draw Olaf’s eyes, eyebrows, mouth and three buttons using a toothpick and the brown melted chocolate.

10. Draw Olaf’s tooth with white melted chocolate.

11. Pop Olaaf into the refrigerator for half an hour so the chocolate hardens.

DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman Putting Chocolate Rice Hair
DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman

Tadaaaaaaaaa! Now that you’ve made your own snowman, come on, let’s go and play!

What do you think of our first food DIY craft? Is this something you would like to see more of? Leave me a comment at @PositiveLeePeilin on Facebook or Instagram.

Tag us with #PositiveLeePeilinDIY if you make this. I would love to see more Olafs populating the world!

DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman

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