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Top 3 Children’s Books about Bears

Bears are associated with two polar (hur hur) opposite personalities: warm & cuddly or ferocious & dangerous. Our list of books about bears would appeal more to the former.

Bears are one of  the classic animals that are constantly re-illustrated every generation: Think Yogi Bear, Paddington, Winnie the Pooh and Brownie from LINE! What is your favourite cartoon bear?

Here are my top three picture books about bears:

One bothersome bug needs a warm place to stay – and Bear’s thick fur looks perfect. Bear clearly disagrees with this. Will Bear ever get this wiggly ticklish Bug to buzz off?

Readers are sure to giggle as they watch grumpy Bear struggle to get rid of his uninvited guest, especially the pages with Bear’s bulging eyes.

A hilarious story about how size doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you want. Plus, it’s a rhyming tale, which I love!

Bernard the Bear wants to hibernate, but the bear cave is too crowded and uncomfortable for him to sleep. So he sets out to search the forest for the perfect bed for winter. He visits several different animals and tries their beds, but all he discovers are spots too windy, too wet, or too wild for him. Nothing seems to be “right for bears” until he realizes that the perfect bed was right in front of him all along.

Reminiscent of the classic Goldilocks where the character has to try several beds before he finds one that is “just right”, this tale also introduces different habitats of various animals, allowing children to learn about nature as they read.

This is a great bedtime story, as you can ask what type of bed suits humans, helping them get ready for their own perfect bed.

Bear wakes up one morning with a song in his head, but something is missing. What’s a one-bear band to do? He travels the forest in search of his song and meets a few other musicians along the way, but even with their help, his song still feels incomplete.

Will Bear find the perfect accompaniment and learn that every song sounds sweeter with friends by his side?

Plus, you can read the short interview of how the author made these beautiful and intricate three dimensional cut-paper art book here.

Tadaaa! My top three favourite children’s books about bears for various ages! Let me know if you have some favourite books about bears which I’ve missed out!

Featured books are suitable for children from 4 years and up.

All books featured are available in Singapore’s public libraries and in the bookshops linked.

Want a companion as you tell bear stories? Download our bear paper doll printable here!

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