DIY Halloween Couple Costumes

DIY Halloween Couple Costumes

DIY Halloween Couple Costumes When You Don't Have Time!

Halloween is my favourite Western holiday! It’s about popular culture, fun and a ton of creativity. The perfect time to create DIY Halloween couple costumes!

I like to challenge myself to not run off to a costume rental store and interpret outfits on my own. I dig through my cupboard, buy things from flea markets or Carousell, and make props from felt, paper and stuff around the house.

Plus, it’s a tat easier to convince my husband to also dress up together when the clothing is his own. I’ve tried (and failed) to coerce him into superhero, pirate or any type of over-the-top costume that would garner stares.

Here are some of our recent couple outfits. I hope they help trigger DIY halloween couple costumes of your own!

We have yet to watch the recent The Lion King, but wanted to be part of the (live) action as well!

I got this hilarious Pumba t-shirt online and had put it on for this Disneybound.

‘Disneybounding’ is basically a subtle way to dress up as a Disney character. Visitors aren’t allowed to wear full-blown costumes to Disneyland (I would imagine this would be confusing and a potential safety issue), so fans wear outfits inspired by their favourite characters instead. to show their love for Disney. 

You can check out some of my disneybounds in my Instagram feed, including Captain Marvel and Mary Poppins!

We also made a Lion King DIY craft to go with our outfit. All you need to make this lion roarer is a paper plate, a toilet roll and the free printable we’ve made. See the full instructions here.

DIY Halloween Couple Costumes - Pineapple and Lemon

Our get-up for a fruit-themed party!

My headpiece is made from a Daiso headband, leaves cut from green crepe paper and a toilet roll! I used bobby pins to pin the headband to my hair for extra stability too. This was inspired by one of my fave creative bloggers, Kelly from Studio DIY.

Vincent’s lemon sunnies are from a pair of old sunglasses with plastic lemon slices stuck on. Full disclaimer: He couldn’t see out of them, so he had them stylishly on his head for most of the party.

DIY Halloween Couple Costumes - Pineapple

Proof that my photoshop lessons in poly did not go to waste! I had a blast conceptualising this DIY halloween couple costumes, as we had to think of our poses beforehand (our poses are usually quite spontaneous)

I’m sure every guy has blue in their wardrobe, so all you need for this genie outfit is a red belt or sash (Vince is wearing mine!). Bonus points if he’s up for gold cuffs!

My Jasmine outfit was simple too, as I have a turquoise dress and a necklace from our Greek honeymoon. You can put on a scarf in your hair to mirror Jasmine’s bejewelled crown too!

We created an Aladdin craft too, which I absolutely love. This craft allows you to take Aladdin and Jasmine around the world with simple items like paper plates, cotton wool and this free Aladdin printable. Super proud of Vince for thinking of this one!

There you go! Our recent dress-ups which hopefully inspire some simple DIY halloween couple costumes of your own!

What other couple outfits would you like to see us in? Send us some of your fave dynamic duo pairings and we might dress up as them next!

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